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Mahogany Renal Trust

The Mahogany Renal Trust, in association with B. Braun, is offering bursaries to previously disadvantaged female South Africans, who aspire towards qualifying within the Renal field as either Renal Nurses, Nephrology Clinical Technologists and nephrologists.

The trust has been in existence since 2017 and is independently managed by a group of Trustees : Nozipho Tladi and Taurai Muranda. The Trust assists Nurses and Clinical Technology students financially to pursue their studies through accredited South African Universities in the Nephrology field.

The Mahogany Trust’s mission is to help alleviate the shortage of skills in these fields, provide opportunities for international exposure to Nephrologists and placements within B. Braun Avitum Renal Units, for Clinical Technologists and Nephrology Nurses to complete their required clinical hours.


Bursary Information:

•   Full tuition, excluding printing costs
•   Accommodation cost
•   Meals are provided
•   Transportation to and from Campus (excluding graduation)

The General requirements are that the applicants must be RSA citizens, female, a previously disadvantaged candidate, immunized against Hepatitis, able to complete the course in the required time frame, able to provide a motivational letter; able to provide evidence of involvement in community and social services.




Field-Specific Application Requirements 

Nephrology Nurses:

•   Qualified Registered Nurse
•   Registered with SANC
•   Two years of dialysis practical experience
•   Accepted at an accredited university
•   Approved study leave from employer

Nephrology Clinical Technologists:

•   Accepted at an accredited university
•   Proof of Dialysis Unit visit
•   Registered at the HPCSA as a Student Clinical Technologist

Students with full bursaries will not be considered.
Nurses and Clinical Technologists sponsored from Government Hospitals will be required to work within the Government sector for 2 years after receiving their qualifications.

We are proud to be making a difference by facilitating this program!

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