B. Braun Medical (Pty) Limited


B. Braun Medical (Pty) Limited
253 Aintree Avenue
Hoogland Ext 41
Gauteng Republic of South Africa

Postal Address:
P.O.  Box 1787 Randburg 2125 Gauteng Republic of South Africa

Telephone: +27 10 222 3000
Telefax: +27 10 222 3066
For General Information E-Mail: info.za@bbraun.com
For Quote requests E-Mail: quotes.za@bbraun.com
For Order requests E-Mail: orders.za@bbraun.com
For order queries E-Mail: queries.za@bbraun.com

Management Team:

Jens Papperitz (Managing Director B. Braun Medical)
Scott Farrell (Chief Financial Officer and Director of Corporate Services)
Claire Anderson (Managing Director B.Braun Avitum)
Carla Silva (Business Unit Manager Hospital Care / Closure Technology / OPM)
Thomas Schneider (Business Unit Manager Orthopaedics / Neuro / Vascular / Surgical Technology)
Karishma Singh (Business Unit Manager Dialysis Products)
Jacqueline McCarthy (Responsible Pharmacist & Quality Assurance)
Anton Beneke (HR Manager)