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Living with diabetes

One in 11 adults has diabetes.* Because this number is growing steadily, this metabolic disease is gaining importance – worldwide. For an ever increasing number of people concerned, it has become a major factor in their lives. Maybe diabetes plays a role in your life as well. Whether a family member is affected or you have to deal with the disease yourself, it is important for you to be fully informed about relevant products and the optimal way to use them. It is vital for you to know about the available options to help handle, treat and manage diabetes. We are more than happy to support you in this task:

B. Braun offers you diabetes care products which meet all the mandatory standards – and more. We have gathered practical advice and try to support you when treating the disease. On the following pages, we offer up-to-date product information as well as tips and tricks. The bottom line is: We want you to be safe!

* Source: International Diabetes Federation. IDF Diabetes Atlas, 8th edition, 2017.