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Extensive awareness programme called KidneyWise

KidneyWise informs all individuals of the impact of Chronic Kidney Disease and the progression thereof with specific attention to early detection, prevention and management of the disease by means of clinical and lifestyle intervention.

The goals of kidneywise are:

To provide screening sessions and raise awareness regarding Chronic Kidney Disease.

To identify high risk factors:

•   Hypertension
•   Diabetes
•   Chronic Infections/HIV
•   Family History
•   Obesity - BMI
•   Cardio Vascular
•   Congenital Abnormalities
•   Prolonged use of NSAID’S

To educate all individuals and family members about the prevention of kidney disease.

Referral of patients at risk for follow up, guidance and support.

Target Areas:

1.   Family and friends Educational facilities / clubs / expo’s
2.   Occupational environments
3.   Community halls / Civic centres
4.   Old age homes / Retirement villages
5.   Malls / shopping centers



What KidneyWise offers patients:

-   Friendly and efficient assistance

-   Up to date, relevant information

-   Patient and family education

-   Early referrals to specialists

-   Dietary advice

-   Record cards for self monitoring

-   Regular follow up program at KidneyWise clinics

-   Feedback to family doctors and specialists (with patient’s consent)

-   Lifestyle adjustment advice

-   Wellness events

-   Co-ordinate Transplant work-up

What KidneyWise offers Doctors:

1.   Assistance with chronic monitoring of HIGH risk patients

2.   Information specific literature

3.   CME meetings with CPD points according to training needs

4.   Specialist assistance - direct communication with nephrologist

5.   Screening of patient

6.   Dialysis guidelines (international publications)

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