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The field of infusion therapy implies the treatment of a patient with intravenously applied infusion solutions in order to enable a patient’s recovery or improvement of his illness. Depending on the underlying illness, the solution contains an appropriate active pharmaceutical ingredient.

This defines the type of definitive therapy: For example, fluid therapy aims to infuse larger volumes of water and appropriate electrolytes to patients for treatment of volume depletion such as major bleeding, dehydration or shock. Another example might be anti-infective therapy which means the treatment of a patient suffering from an infection with bacteria or funghi by infusing solutions containing antibiotics and antifungals.

System partnership

"Our hospital is committed to offer best care in Infusion Therapy. So we need a partner who fosters understanding, meets our challenges, shares our aims, and helps us to improve our processes. "

Infusion therapy is an essential part of medical treatments – in drug administration, volume replacement, and fluid therapy. So it opens up huge opportunities for the entire hospital.

As a sparring partner with our customers, we are dedicated to make infusion therapy safer, more efficient, and less complex – for physicians, pharmacists, nursing staff, hospital managers, and patients. And to open up prospects by developing innovative solutions, product systems, and products that are designed to save resources and optimize processes.

"At work I always have my patients‘ health in mind. But I also know that one single moment of distraction may change my life and the lives of the people around me. I am happy to work with experienced and dedicated partners, for whom safety plays a major role. "

Patient safety, user safety, process safety: terms which are more than just contemporary buzz words: They are fundamental rights and therefore essential to us. That’s why we foster intensive collaboration with physicians, pharmacists, nurses, patients, and hospital managers to promote a higher level of safety for everyone involved in healthcare.

In close cooperation, we develop innovative solutions, smart services, and safe and more efficient product systems. Thus we contribute to guiding standards, which raise the bar in safety and give healthcare professionals and patients all over the world peace of mind. 

At B. Braun, progress means relentlessly challenging and supporting customers, physicians, pharmacists, nurses, patients, and hospital managers in order to promote developments that are evolving and progressive.

Physicians and pharmacists:

We provide you with solutions to advance the planning and management of your IV medication.

Space OnlineSuite

We supply quality products for infusion therapy that simplify your daily routines.

Hospital management

We provide smart and innovative systems to improve transparency about infusion therapy and to ease administrative efforts.

Learn more about our systems and tools of centralized infusion management.

"We know about our patients’ demands. We are experts in confirming a diagnosis and defining expedient therapies. What we appreciate is guidance on how to improve processes in terms of time, costs, and safety. "


Cost- and time-pressures are always increasing in today’s healthcare systems. That’s why process improvement is a crucial factor – not just for the people involved but for the success of the entire hospital. Because improved processes offer many benefits. They enhance safety, improve therapies, increase efficiency, and foster the sustainable development of the entirehospital throughout its value chain.

Together with our customers we continuously analyze the processes within individual therapeutic areas to strategically reduce the complexity of procedures. With our process concept

“Prescription – Patient Access – Preparation – Application – Discharge Management”,

we improve transparency during clinical procedures, enhance efficiency, and strive to increase quality of care. To sustainably ensure this quality, we offer complete system solutions for clinical processes.