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Anyone can sustain a burn. Depending on the severity of the burn different treatment concepts are required from first aid treatment to dedicated treatments in special burns centers.

In cooperation with burns specialists, B. Braun has developed dedicated products to improve the treatment of burn injuries. 

This document is a practical guide to managing burn injuries for healthcare professionals everywhere who are not-burn specialists. With an emphasis on presenting hands-on and relevant clinical information, it focuses on the evaluation and management of non-complex burn injuries that are appropriate for treatment outside of specialist burns units.

Read more in the publication below from Wounds International: Best practice Guidelines: effective skin and wound management of non-complex burns, supported by B. Braun.

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Interview with Dr Bjorn Behr

Dr Bjorn Behr discusses the importance of wound cleansing when managing patients with burns and how wound cleansing may help to reduce bioburden/biofilm in wounds.

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