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Heel-shaped, non-adhesive foam dressing

Askina® Heel is a heel-shaped, two-layered, non-adherent foam dressing designed to cover the heel and the malleolus. The gentle polyurethane foam can reduce pressure on wounds in this area as well as provide a moist wound environment to promote wound healing. 
The waterproof outer layer protects the wound from dirt and bacteria. 

The product includes the option to use a foam security strap and two self-adhesive hooks that keep the dressing in place even during movement, avoiding the need to use an additional fixation device.

Askina® Heel is indicated for the management of a wide range of moderately to highly exuding wounds, mainly for exudate absorption at the heel site.


  • Ready-to-use concept, no fixation device needed
  • Innovative anatomical design covering the malleolus
  • Pressure-relieving foam
  • Good protection against friction and shear stresses


Askina® Heel is composed of two layers: 

  • Layer 1: Outer polyurethane film
  • Layer 2: Polyurethane foam