Prontosan® Wound Gel 

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Gel for acute and chronic wounds including burns 

  • Helps provide long-lasting cleansing, moistening and decontamination of the wound bed between dressing changes 
  • Available in 30 ml pods


  • Helps remove and prevent the formation of biofilm  
  • Helps provide a sustained antimicrobial barrier 
  • Helps prevent wound infections 
  • Helps reduce healing time, odor and pain 
  • Facilitates gentle dressing changes 
  • Compatible with commonly used wound dressings 


For cleansing, moistening and decontamination of: 

  • Non-infected and infected acute and traumatic wounds 
  • Non-infected and infected chronic wounds (e.g. vascular, diabetic or pressure ulcers; complex, recalcitrant wounds; cavity or difficult-to-access wounds) 
  • Postoperative wounds (after surgical intervention and suturing) 
  • Thermal and non-thermal burns degree (I, IIa, IIb and III) 
  • Fistulas and abscesses 

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