eThekweni Renal Care Center in Durban, South Africa

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eThekweni Renal Care Center in Durban, South Africa

Over the past few days, South Africa has witnessed incredibly upsetting civil unrest and violence, crippling some parts of the country. Unfortunately, our eThekwini Renal Care Center which is situated in Riverhorse Valley, Durban was affected. The building the dialysis center is located in was looted and set alight, but luckily the dialysis center has suffered minimal damage.

Thankfully, our staff members that work in this center are all safe and unharmed and are eager to commence treating our patients. We are pleased that no employees have lost their jobs, due to this unrest.

We are grateful for the support from the greater dialysis community and businesses, who have so graciously assisted us during our time of need, in providing life-saving treatments to our patients.

Together with our Durban-based clinical, technical and sales staff, we have moved all dialysis equipment to a safer building, as we work tirelessly to resume business as usual, so that our patients can continue to receive their crucial dialysis treatments. We are hoping to be operational next week.

As a company and a nation, we are stronger together. Let’s rebuild!