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Alcohol-based Hand Rub with Chlorhexidine

70% Propyl Alcohol with 0.5% CHG
Contains an emollient
Tested according to EN1500, En12791, EN13624, EN13727
Available in 100ml pocket-size, 500ml with pump and 5L
SAHPRA Q/13.1/326.
Manufactured in South Africa

Additional information

Refer to the SAHPRA approved package insert.For hygienic hand disinfection, apply 2.5 ml on visibly clean hands and rub well until dry. For surgical hand disinfection, use approximately 5 ml and rub well into hands and forearms until dry. Repeat the process.


Alcohol hand rubs work fast and effectively.

Application time for hand disinfection:
Hygienic hand rub: 15 - 20 Sec
Surgical Hand Disinfection: 2 min exposure time, 3 hour latent effect
Colourless: will reduce risk of skin irritation and staining of floors, nails, etc
Available with a pump, to ensure the correct volume is used


General and pre-operative hand disinfection.


D-Germ contains 70% v/v Propyl Alcohol, 0.5 % Chlorhexidine Gluconate and an emollient

Propyl (n-Propanol) Alcohol is safe to use in hand disinfectant because:

- It has been used safely in hand disinfectants since 1965

- World Health Organization (WHO) listed it as an active ingredient for hand disinfectants in the 2009 Hand Hygiene Guidelines in Health Care

- It is used as the reference alcohol in the EN (European Norms) 12791 for surgical hand preparation

- It is listed as one of the three alcohols suitable for use in alcohol based hand santisers in South Africa by the SANS490:2020 

- There is no available data or literature that it is absorbed through the skin even with frequent use such as by healthcare workers in a healthcare setting

- The risk of accidental or intentional ingestion is low, because Propyl alcohol has a very unpleasant taste which is worse than ethanol

D-Germ has been used in hospitals and retail sector in South Africa since 2002 with no reported negative health issues

- D-Germ is registered as a S0 drug with the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA)

- It is compliant to the SANS490:2020 Alcohol-Based Hand Rubs

- It has passed the required EN tests pertaining hand hygiene efficacy

For supporting documents, please contact us on info.za@bbraun.com

For the full document and references, click below:

D-Germ Safety Information

Description Document Link
Safety Information
pdf (36.7 KB)
Base Chemicals - Statement - Hand and Surface Sanitizer
pdf (1.1 MB)
SANS 490 SABS Media Release
pdf (74.6 KB)